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African-American Mental Health Providers
Dee Bridges, L.M.F.T., B.C.P.C., President
3807 Pasadena Ave. Suite 115
Sacramento, CA 958211

This group of providers are licensed, registered, and/or certified by the State of California to practice in his or her discipline.

Each of the providers pledges to render treatment to all people regardless of race, gender, creed, religion, ethnicity or sexual orientation.

It is our hope that you find this directory useful when selecting a mental health provider for consultations or future referrals.

Each provider has listed their specialty, contact information, office hours and some of their affiliations. For additional information, please feel free to contact any of the providers directly.

To receive additional directories and/or annual directories, please call Dee Bridges at (916) 484-7522

Dee Bridges, L.M.F.T., B.C.P.C.
President, African-American Mental Health Providers
(916) 484-7522