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Hamilton, Sylvia A., Ph.D.                 License No. PSY 18289

925 Secret River Drive, Suite K
Sacramento, CA  95831

Phone: (916) 399-8322
Office Hours: By appointment only


Providing culturally diverse psychotherapy for individuals, couples and groups. Also provides private (direct pay) and agency referral psychological evaluations and psychotherapy for depression, anxiety, job related stress and multi-cultural issues.


Aetna Blue Cross
Blue Shield Magellan (Kaiser)
Managed Health Network (MHN)  Western Health Advantage

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Mimms, Tiffany Ph.D.                 License No. PSY 21784

1531 Corporate Way
Sacramento, CA 95831

Phone: (916) 424-3700, Press 1

Office Hours: Monday through Thursday 9:30 am – 7:30 pm


Provides culturally sensitive psychotherapy for adults, couples and adolescents aged 16 and older dealing with depression, stress, sexual assault, domestic violence, grief, body image, self-esteem, religion/spirituality, multicultural concerns, racism/sexism, women’s issues, and relationship problems. Also provides supervision for trainees, interns, and postdoctoral fellows.


Aetna Blue Cross
Blue Shield Cigna
Magellan Managed Health Network (MHN)   

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Victim of Crime Program

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The field of clinical/counseling psychology is an applied branch of psychology that integrates science, theory and practice to understand, predict and alleviate maladjustment, disability and discomfort. It also promotes human adaptation, adjustment and personal development. Clinical/counseling psychology focuses on the intellectual, emotional, biological, psychological, social and behavioral aspects of human functioning across the life span, in varying cultures and at all socioeconomic levels.

Practitioners of clinical/counseling psychology work directly with individuals at all developmental levels (infants to older adults) as well as groups (families and patients of similar psychopathology and organizations) using a wide range of assessment and intervention methods to promote mental health and alleviate discomfort and maladjustment.

To qualify to practice clinical/counseling psychology, one must have earned a doctorate from a clinical/counseling psychology program.

Unique to clinical/counseling psychology training is the requirement of substantial course work in the areas of personality and psychopathology, resulting in a comprehensive understanding of adjustment and maladjustment across the life span.

In the State of California, laws and regulations relating to the practice of psychology is issued by the Board of Psychology. No person may engage in the practice of psychology, without a license granted by this board.